Puppet-making in a workshop
"What a great day! A lovely interactive show and then drama and puppet-making afterwards"   Harriet Amos, Teacher, Notting Hill Primary putting on a puppet show in the workshop circle time in the workshop boys at a workshop outdoor workshop



Drama Workshops offer a fun, interesting and exciting way to learn and explore Early Years Foundation Stage and National Curriculum subjects whilst also developing key skills such as speaking and listening, control and coordination, working well with a partner or group, inspiring creativity and imagination and building confidence and self-esteem. Furthermore drama is a component within the KS1 and 2 English curriculum.

Our Puppet Making Workshops also offer a cross curricular approach combining art, design and technology skills with other curriculum learning.

You can book drama and/or puppet making workshops to accompany a performance of The Little Red Hen or Videk’s Shirt. You can also book other drama and/or puppet making workshops from the list below. In addition we can put together a drama and/or puppet making workshop package on the subject/s of your choice. Just contact us.


Little Red Hen and Videk Workshops
Drama Workshops: The drama workshops use a number of fun, creative and participatory drama games and exercises to explore in more detail the story of The Little Red Hen or Videk’s Shirt, including revising the processes of making wheat grain into bread or sheep’s wool into clothing as well as exploring the issues of helping and sharing.

Puppet Making Workshops: There are a variety of different making workshops to choose from depending on the age of the participants and the time available.

Other drama and puppet making workshops
Life Cycles and Growing: Learn about the lifecycles of different species in a fun drama workshop and/or make caterpillar, butterfly, flower and other growing puppets to perform in your very own growing show.

The Environment: Learn all about re-cycling and caring for the environment in our going green drama workshop and/or make your own eco warrior junk puppet from recycled materials and put on your very own eco-friendly show.

Healthy Living: Learn all about the things you can do to make sure you stay fit and healthy in our healthy me! drama workshop and/ or make fruit and vegetable puppets and put on your very own healthy show.

Book Week/Creative Literacy/Storytelling: You choose the stories or poems and we will design the drama and/or puppet making workshops. We can also design workshops to explore:

Chinese New Year: Learn about the traditions and origins of the Chinese New Year calendar in a fun drama workshop and/or create your own Chinese zodiac puppets to re-tell the story.

History: Work in role and discover what life was like for the
• Ancient Egyptians
• Ancient Greeks
• Romans
• Tudors
• Victorians
• Those living during WW2
And/ or make a puppet from history and educate your classmates with a show from the past.

Chronology: Chronology made easy! An exciting drama workshop giving every pupil the opportunity to explore and understand time lines and chronology and/or make puppets from the past and make sure they know their place in history!

Science Week: In consultation with you we can design drama and/or puppet making workshops to help your pupils explore and understand science topics such as minibeasts and their habitats, electricity, the earth, sun and moon.

School Plays, Half Terms and Holidays: If you would like The Puppetellers to come and help you put on a school play or performance or work with groups over the half term or holidays just contact us.

Drama for fun: Drama games and exercises designed for maximum fun and to develop skills in speaking and listening, control and coordination, to build confidence, teamwork, creativity and imagination.

Puppet Making for fun: Let your imagination run wild and make your very own puppet character. Then entertain your classmates with a show. Choose from glove, rod, marionette, shadow, junk, natural material, giant puppets and object animation.

For more details on any of the above workshops please contact us.

Workshops are suitable for up to 30 children. Drama workshops need to take place in a hall or other large space.

We will tailor the length of workshops according to your needs, the year group/s participating, and the type of workshop/s being undertaken.

We can supply an Education Pack providing you with practical advice for follow up work and other drama based learning and puppet making ideas for curriculum enrichment.

We also provide INSET Training for Teachers who wish to develop skills in puppet making and performance, storytelling, drama based learning techniques and games and exercises, as an approach for exploring any aspect of the curriculum. Please contact us for more details.